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Public Services

Click on any of the public service office links below for additional information.  We strive to keep the information on this website current. If you know of any changes, please contact the Highland Griffith Chamber at 219-923-3666 or mary@highlandchamber.com.

Town Council - Highland                              Town Council - Griffith
Steve Wagner - 4th Ward, President                  Rick Ryfa - 3rd Ward, President
Bernie Zemen - 1st Ward                                       Larry Ballah - 2nd Ward, Vice President
Mark Herak - 2nd Ward                                          Jim Marker - 1st Ward
Dan Vassar - 3rd Ward                                          Patricia Schaadt - 4th Ward
Konnie Kuiper - 5th Ward                                       Stanley Dobosz - 5th Ward 
Michael Griffin, Clerk-Treasurer                              George Jerome, Clerk-Treasurer

Town Administrative Officials
Director of Public Works - John M. Bach               Director of Public Works - Rick Konopasek
Chief of Police - Peter T. Hojnicki                           Chief of Police - Greg Mance
Fire Fighters Chief - William Timmer, CFOD         Fire Fighters Chief - Roy Schoon
Parks & Recreation - Alex Brown                            Parks & Recreation - Al Markut
Chief Inspector/ADA Coordinator - Ken Mika        Building Commissioner - Donce Andonov                                   
Town Attorney - Rhett Tauber                                   Town Attorney - Hilbrich, Cunningham,
Redevelopment Director - Cecile Petro                               Schwerd, Dobosz & Vindovich

Highland Municipal Building                             Griffith Municipal Building
3333 Ridge Road, 838-1080                           111 N. Broad Street, 924-3141

Highland Fire Department
2901 Highway Avenue,923-9876                   130 N. Lafayette,922-3093

Highland Parks & Recrea tion Dept .                 Griffith Parks & Recreation Dept.
2450 Lincoln Street,838-0114                          111 N. Broad Street 922-3078

Highland Police Department                              Griffith Police Depart,ment 
3333 Ridge Road, 838-3184                             115 N. Broad Street,924-3141

Highland Public Works                                         Griffith Public Works
8001 Kennedy Avenue, 972-5083                         111 N. Broad Street, 924-3838
Highland Redevelopment Commission
3333 Ridge Road, 972-7598

School Town of Highland                                 School Town of Griffith
9145 Kennedy Avenue, 924-7400                     602 N. Raymond,924-4250

Highland Public Library                                     Griffith Public Library 
2841 Jewett Street,838-2394                            1215 E. 45th Avenue, 838-2825

Post Office - Highland Branch                          Post Office - Griffith Branch
8500 Kennedy Avenue, 838-1248                      900 N. Broad Street 838-2825

Lake County License Bureau                           Griffith License Branch  
2400 Interstate Plaza                                      1038 E. Ridge Road, Griffith, (888)692-6841
Hammond, IN, 219-844-1788