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We accept cash, check or Visa/MasterCard for Dues Payment. Membership applications are also accepted in the chamber office by cash or check. If you would like to renew online, please use one of the following options:

Option 1 - Pay online using PayPal
Option 2 - Pay by mail with cash or check

**New Chamber Members who join in the middle of the year will pay the full dues fee when they join and the dues fee will be pro-rated when billed the next year.

Dues Structure
Non Profit/Church/
Service Organization
Employees Dues Amount
1 - 5 $204.00
6 - 15 $298.00
16 - 25 $403.00
26 - 50 $515.00
51 - 100 $626.00
100 + $693.00
2 part-time employees = 1 full-time employee










Option 1
Please fill out the following form to renew your membership and send payment online. You will be taken to the Highland Chamber PayPal page for your payment details.

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Option 2
If you would like to renew online but send payment by cash or check through mail, please fill out the following form. Please send payment to The Highland Chamber of Commerce, 8536 Kennedy Avenue, Highland IN 46322. Please note, your membership will not renew until this payment has been received.

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